SAP Paradigm Upgrade

SAP is in transformation of their fundamental technology to replace their conventional client-server technology to Enterprise Service-Oriented Architecture.  The paradigm shift creates impact to all exiting SAP customers because SAP basis will no longer support SAP GUI 6.4 after Oct 14, 2008.

This paradigm shift will bring your business operation to the ESOA environment which can significantly improves the efficiency and flexibility for communications and integration among your different business units and components. 

We fully understand that every SAP customer has its unique operations and processes modified or enhanced from SAP’s standard functionality.  Unlike the typical upgrade, a paradigm shift requires the in-depth knowledge of SAP’s eSOA technology on both SAP Java stack and SAP Abap stack, and most importantly, capable of optimizing the new technology integration for your business requirements and business processes. 

Our expertise gained from our team members’ pioneer experiences from their previous global upgrade implementations.  We have successfully bring the paradigm shift for our customers and our focuses are

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