SAP Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC)

SAP's GRC provides a framework to support corporate strategy for corporate governance, risk management and compliance management to avoid the market penalty by minimizing financial, legal and operational risks.  The framework provides the flexibility for every SAP customer to build their own control policies for information access, business process, monitoring, and alert for cross-enterprise systems. 

SAP GRC can automate end-to-end GRC processes to proactively explore business opportunities, audit daily operations as well as minimizing risk exposure and marketing penalties.  By extending the GRC framework for their access control and process control, your business processes can be aligned with various financial, privacy, medical, environment, occupational, and product safety regulations.

SAP GRC provides the operational control to reduce the cost by transforming your manual activities to automatic compliance control cross organizations or enterprises to effectively and accurately respond to any identified issues.  With SAP GRC, you get the tools to make sure your risk management and compliance management within your corporate governance.

With consultants of experiences from various industries, we can offer effective service for your company to make the best use of SAP GRC.

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