SAP Enterprise Service-Oriented Architecture(ESOA)

Enterprise SOA provides an open standard for an adaptive and flexible open architecture for enterprise applications.  The technical foundation is delivered by SAP NetWeaver.  Our team is a pioneer in creating new business scenarios and enterprise applications using e-SOA concept and SAP NetWeaver technology integrated into various SAP’s enterprise functionality.

We are capable of creating the exact business scenarios that fit our clients’ needs because we have mastered the following expertise and experiences from many successful implementations:

Our team members from solution architects to consultants are all familiar with both SAP Abap stack technology as well as Java stack technology.  With our powerful technical capabilities and experiences, the most important step for our e-SOA project implementation is to fully understand the business requirements by utilizing the integration with existing SAP functionality and capability to make sure the smoothness and efficiency of process flow and consistency of data flow.  Our domain experts in different industries always play the crucial role in helping our clients to identify the most cost-saving and stable solution for maximizing profit and gaining competitive advantages.

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