Knowledge Collaboration

Collective Elite provides knowledge collaboration workshops for SAP specific topics.  Our selected industry and domain experts from US and Europe will design and deliver the workshop with designed topics to share their international implementation experience and know-how for globalized business operations with our local clients.

Our knowledge collaboration workshops with our expert designed materials are complement to SAP’s training courses.  The targeted groups and areas can be divided into the following categories:

  • Industry specific business scenarios and practices for business decision makers who are interested in learning how SAP are implemented by global companies to improve their daily business operations,
  • In-house workshop for customized training sessions to help local SAP customers to train their SAP users by focusing on their specific needs.  Instead of sending users of different roles to multiple training courses, our knowledge collaboration team will design the training materials and deliver the workshops specifically for your needs.
  • Technical workshop for those newly graduate college students who are interested in joining in SAP workforce.  This training is intensive hardship training through many hand-on practices and project implementation to prepare individuals for the real world challenges.

The knowledge collaboration is an attempt to help our clients to fulfill the knowledge gap, which often is a quick kick to power up their future or existing SAP applications.  With the most cost effectiveness training, our clients can readily adapt to the usage of SAP products and increase the return-over-investment in shortest period of time.