Business Innovation

Collective Elite establishes a think-tank to provide the business innovation service for our local clients in Asia.  The think-tank members are specially selected from our industry experts, advanced quantitative and qualitative analysis experts, problem-solving experts, top innovators.  Depending on the nature of the project, a specific combination of members is selected to work with our clients closely until a practical business innovation is created to reach the goal.

Our service of business innovation includes

  • Business problem diagnosis, quantitative analysis and resolution proposal,
  • Problem structuring, solution exploration, decision analysis, solution validation, and performance evaluation,
  • Design and optimize business process for improving operation efficiency and effectiveness,
  • Design product roadmap for gaining market shares and competitive advantages,
  • Simplification of complex business processes,
  • Design processes and solutions for organization change management,
  • Define strategy for intellectual property management, product development, information technology, and knowledge sharing network.

We work with large enterprise, departments within an enterprise, small and medium size companies and startups.  The team is established to assist our client to reach the goal, resolve the issue, make a strategic decision through detailed qualitative and quantitative analysis from all aspects to propose the optimized solution or decision.