Business By Design

SAP provides standard functionality to fulfill both horizontal and vertical business requirements cross different industries from small, medium companies to enterprise.  However, SAP understands that it is not possible to provide all variations and functionality to fulfill every company’s specific needs.  That is why SAP’s basis components and applications are designed to allow functionality extension within SAP’s eco-system. 

Our Business by Design service provides in-depth analysis to explore your short-term goal, mid-term plan and the long-term vision to identify the most suitable design customized specifically for your business processes and your use cases. 

By integration with standard SAP functionality, utilization of standard SAP enhancements, and extension from various SAP application frameworks, we provide the customized design to fulfill not only your specific requirements, but also support the compatibility with the standards to support future upgrades and enhancement needs.

When the need for a custom development is clearly identified, our team provides the agile and design oriented development methodology to build the customized product including configuration, customizing, layered design, enterprise data modeling, component design, and extension framework to deliver the functionality and the highest quality of product design.

Our team builds every Business by Design product by considering themselves as not only a software engineer, but also an architect, a designer, an artist, and an orchestra conductor.  We will not deliver the product to our clients unless we are proud of what we have accomplished.