Public Sector

Public sector organizations, such state and local agencies and public utilities, share common goals and face common challenges.  They all provide vital services, but must contend with limited budgets and high expectations on the part of their constituents.  More and more, public sector organizations are focused on improving efficiency of their business operations so they can better fulfill their public service missions.

Designed to help all levels of government maximize public value, SAP for Public Sector solutions enable governments to optimize limited resources in public administration while delivering responsive front-office services. As an example, with SAP for Public Sector solution revenue can manage thousands upon thousands taxpayer easily.  For revenue they can get an overview report anytime, system will check the account to ensure the tax is paid on time and warnings of delay will be sent to taxpayer automatically.

We provide service to assist you develop and implement a strategy that reaches beyond SAP to provide real solutions to business issues, such as the need to comply with funded and unfunded mandates and changing constituent demands, and responds to technical requirements for system integration and information architecture.  For example, we have several experienced experts built pioneer Interactive Form integration with NetWeaver’s Guided Procedure to integrate with SAP CRM’s marketing, sales and service processes.