Media and Communication

The power of new information technologies including Internet access, content management, knowledge management and digit asset management has brought a digital revolution for media and communication industry.  The significantly growing demands in information exchange and purchase behaviors through new channels are changing our world in every minute.  The exponential explosion of information becomes the new challenge for both you and us to manage them.

The new communication media generate new demands of products, services and contents.  The value of information has been re-defined under various challenges from accessibility, richness distribution and propagation speed.  Digit information is no longer just some 0 and 1 numbers.  SAP hence provides digit asset management functionality by treating information as digital asset into the enterprise applications.

We provide services to answer your specific needs from both SAP’s solutions and applications and integration to other 3rd party solutions.  With our professional implantation, you can then integrate your existing process into more automation processes and efficient communication.  You can then not only share idea, information and documentations across all departments, all divisions and all systems, but also control, monitor and track their distribution, accessibility, and even its complete lifecycle.  The solution can provide tools to locate and manage information with greater transparency, controllability, and profitability while your customer has more flexibility to access the well-organized digit assets.