Life Sciences

More than 1,200 Life Science companies worldwide are using SAP for Life science solution. SAP supports the most important business processes in any life sciences company and provides tools to manage these processes for greater efficiency and effectiveness.

The development of new technology such as drug discovery, generic researches, biotechnology, and nanotechnology, etc. has brought Life Science industry into a new era.  With the regulation and control, companies in this sector require more information management to efficiently and effectively monitoring and tracking their manufacturing processes, sales processes, risk management and after-sale services.  Furthermore, the process of multi-channel sales, integration with distributors or retails, and analysis of consumer behavior/preference also bring the new challenges.

Our domain experts and professional implementation can provide the solution designed specifically for your scenario, process and requirements.  We build the exact solution you need to gain the competitive advantage on top of the SAP product foundation via innovation managements, R&D knowledge management, controlled approval and delivery process, quality assurance, safeguard manufacturing, marketing, B2B/B2C e-commerce, and after-sales service to ensure regulation compliance, moreover, bring an integration solution to match your demand chain and your supply chain.