The insurance markets are in a constant state of flux.  It is often the case that individual customer requirements or legal requirements have to be implemented in tandem with the need to optimize administration or service processes.  It is therefore imperative that the chances and risks be made transparent and brought under control.  The key to success is flexibility.

To archive the goal is not easy - every minute you need to deal with a large number of customers, contracts, regulations, cases, paper and digital records around this world.  Every customer, every activities and every case carry distinct information, so how to ensure the data of your customer and his contracts can be acquired accurately, consistently, and coherently?  Furthermore, how to store, integrate, search and locate specific information for a specific customer, company, activity or case from the very high volume data?  How can your management team obtain analyzed and organized reports to control the risk and make informative decision?

Our team is dedicated with our professional experience to assist you resolve all these problems specifically related to insurance industry.  We provide services to integrate your form processing with SAP’s Interactive Form or using 3rd party products solutions to speed up your document digitization, record managements.  Our B2B/B2C e-commerce experts can provide intelligent and guided recommendations for your customers to select the best fit packages.

We can also reduce your IT expense by implementing SAP Process Infrastructure (PI) or master Data Management (MDM) to provide a consistent data view for your distributed backend systems before you move all existing systems to an ERP.  We understand the pain point and the key value for your company.  We can help you to distill most important information from inside and outside. It is our mission to provide you the highest quality service and ROI to help your grow much faster than your competitors.