Hospital Management

Today’s healthcare providers are facing a feverish mix of ever-growing business challenges involving financial, legal, regulation compliance and patient-care issues.  Your hospital not only needs to serve plenty of various patients daily, but also need to integrate into your various business partners for insurance organization, pharmacy, medical instrument, asset management, etc. 

SAP for Healthcare offers patient-centric solutions designed specifically to meet the challenges of hospitals and healthcare providers.  With the solution of SAP Hospital Management & Information System (HMIS), you can reduce cost, optimize resource utilization, improve quality of care and increase patient satisfaction.

Operation related processes such as medical warehousing, purchasing and invoice verification, patient administration and service recording have been reengineered and the provision of medical supplies simplified.  The billing process, including insurance provider invoicing for different compensation types, has become more flexible and more transparent. 

In additional to the hospital process managements, we can also provide advanced custom developments for distributed data integration, medical equipment integration, imaging data processing, medical auditing, regulation compliance, and both assets and patients tracking.