High-Tech (Semiconductor, Electronics, Automatics and Software) industry is one of the most drastic competition industries. The creation and production cycle for new products are being shortened, the quality guarantee and flexible requirements for products are being increased, the speed of market saturation is been quickened than ever.  Furthermore, the manufacturing processes and business scenarios are sometimes different from traditional manufactures.  The differences have resulted in a set of new scenarios and functionality requirements.

SAP has focused on hi-tech specific solutions for over a decade to fulfill the industry specific requirements by extending and providing enhanced solutions.  Some requires very complicated optimization and computation, and some requires very large scaled data volume processing.  The data processing and analysis requirements are even more complicated with the integration with manufacturing execution system (MES) and gradually gaining the momentum of the auto-ID infrastructure.

We provide SAP solutions or other innovation developments for hi-tech companies different requirements from supply chain optimization, collaborative planning, RFID, schedule optimization, yield management, cost control, marketing, sales to services including advanced knowledge managements for complex and fast changing hi-tech products.  We can also provide field service to bring complex business processes and functionality for mobility in action.