Our Value

Collective Elite is established for a mission to provide the highest quality of service in enterprise innovation and advanced SAP consulting for our global clients.  We are not a body leasing consulting company, nor a consulting company to generate revenues with a large number of junior employees.  We are here to make sure that our client’s pain points and issues are resolved with elegant solutions. 

Based on our decades of SAP implementation and development experiences, we have seen so many inexperienced and work-around implementations which did not resolve the fundamental issue, as the consequence, the customer needs to pay for the accumulated and unnecessary costs to undo many wrong doings.  In SAP enterprise consulting world, 1000 man-days or 1000 consultants may mean nothing when facing a real challenge.  Without the right expertise to understand the business and complexity, no matter how many consultants are sent in, the issue will not be resolved.  On the other hand, the issue often can be resolved in a few weeks or even days with a right expert.

We are not a body-leasing SAP consulting company; instead, we are a team of experts who dedicate to provide the highest quality of service for our clients to fasten the ROI (Return on Investment) and to lower the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).  The core value of our team includes:

    Business Oriented – Our domain experts will establish the comprehensive requirement roll-in and product roll-out to make sure that your business scenarios are clearly communicated and integrate into the daily business process and operation.

    Design Oriented – Our team will consider various aspects of industrial practices based on their experiences to cope with your short-term and long-term business goals to make sure that we have designed the best solution to optimize your multiple objectives.

    Process Oriented – Our team will work with you to execute project implementation and innovation productization with a project management methodology to make sure that the progress of a project is always well-controlled.

    Quality Oriented – Our team will always provide the premium service with rigid quality controls from business consulting, project implementation, innovation development to application management supports.

    ROI Oriented – Our team will bring in value added services and constantly improve and increase ROI for your business.  By increasing the ROI, you can gain the highest quality service and the competitive advantages with lowest cost.

    Challenge Oriented – Our team will be interested in facing difficult and complex challenges because we believe we can help your business to gain advantage over your competitors only if you can resolve the challenges that your competitors fail to.