Our Team

Our team members come from various backgrounds with different industry experiences in enterprise processes and applications.  The senior members have decades of global enterprise consulting and software development experiences in SAP AG, SAP US, SAP APJ and SAP Labs. 

We understand the importance of business vision and global experiences, so our senior consultants and senior developers are required to have several full-cycle project experiences, including at least three project implementations or product development overseas.  Regardless the age, race and gender, all our team members share the same characteristics as follows: 

  • Enjoy taking challenges and being a creative problem solver,
  • Master more than one area of business strategy, innovation, industry domain knowledge, business process, and technology for enterprise applications, 
  • Eager to learn new knowledge and capable of integrating knowledge from multiple discipline backgrounds,
  • Always work within a team environment with a leading role in specialized areas,
  • Fluent in Mandarin and English, many with other languages, e.g., Japanese, German, etc. 

Our team is trained with professional and perfection-oriented attitudes to provide the highest quality of services.  We are only interested in fundamental issues and solutions.  Even when we have to deliver a temporary solution due to time and resource constraints, we build it with a design toward the ultimate resolution. 

The team learns and grows continuously through the contributions by individual members.  Our strength is the multiplication of knowledge to bring the exponential growth of our collective intelligence, which makes us the ideal team to fearlessly face the new challenges, resolve the most difficult problems, and complete mission impossible.