Our Culture

Our culture is definitely not suitable for everyone because…

We believe in one team spirit, so we share our knowledge and passion all the time.  Every member, to be accepted and become one member of the team, must prove his or her devotion and contribution to the team by sharing knowledge, ideas and passion.  We face challenges together by supporting each others to bear the unbearable pressure.  That is why we fear nothing; furthermore, enjoy the challenges of mission impossible.

We believe in multiple disciplines, so all of our members must be a top expert in more than one area, including professional specialty and personal interests.  We have learned from decades of experiences that many of our creative innovations and resolutions come from members who can think and solve problems from a different aspect.

We believe in a balanced life, so we work hard, play hard and relax hard too.  The team is the firm, so the firm should grow with the team.  It is the firm’s responsibility to assist every member and his/her family to enjoy a desired life style at the different stages of our life. 

We believe in efficient training and life-time learning, so our most senior experts design and conduct all our internal training focusing on problem solving and self-learning capability in combining business process, technical foundation, and intense hand-on project implementations.

We believe in benefit sharing, so the firm shares the majority of the profits with the team through individual performance based bonus, project based performance, team collaboration based performance, yet, most importantly, our priceless memory of shared struggling, hardworking, and happiness for a future we create together.

We believe in flexible career planning, so we encourage and support our team member to share, plan and pursue his/her dream with the team and the firm together.  The growth of individual is always the accomplishment of the team.  By helping our team members, the firm is dedicating to create the next generation entrepreneurs.

We believe in expanding our global vision, so our members are sent out for global projects whenever possible regardless the profitability of the project.  We think the richness of our life experiences will reflex the way how we face all kinds of unexpected challenges.  So, we decide to learn and experience as a team through traveling around the world. 

This is us and how we start our story…