How close are you from c-elite?

We provide services for SAP business and technology consulting, software development and professional training.  We, as a team of experts from various fields, design solutions and optimize business processes to help enterprises and institutions to improve their operating efficiency and performance.

We explore the potential of every person and provide the working environment around the world. We focus on the latest technology and the creation of optimal solutions.  We invite you to grow up together with c-elite to pursue your dream and explore the future.

Being in c-elite

c-elite is a special environment full of creativity, enthusiasm and talented people, who are willing to share knowledge and passions.  We expect to grow individual members together with the team and the firm.  Through various training programs, practical experiences and knowledge collaboration among the team, we will build the core value of the firm together.

Our quest of talent

We have a quest for talent, and you are the only one who can define the true meaning of talent here.  No matter you are a student, a newbie to the workplace, or an industry expert, we will provide a stage specific for you with endless inspiration and opportunities to explore your potential and pursue your dream by following our team spirit. 

When working for a project in c-elite, you are expected to play a crucial role within the team.  We adore and respect team members who fearlessly take and overcome difficult challenges with creative solutions.  Your capabilities to work with the team, to learn new knowledge, to resolve issues are the foundation of your success here.

We also expect every team member to bring leadership for his/her expertise and specialty.  It is very importance for c-elite to expand in business with our own leaders; hence, we can continue delivering our consistent and highest quality of services to all of our clients.